Parent Portal

The Parent Portal continues to be invaluable tool for parents to access assessment, timetables, attendance records and news items for their student/s. The portal will be used increasingly to convey information to parents and students. The Parent Portal is an internet based system that is able to be accessed from any internet capable device.

The steps to access the Parent Portal, including your log in name and your password have been distributed to you and can be re-sent to you at any time. New enrolments should receive their details within a fortnight of enrolling at the school. Should you have problems with these steps please do not hesitate to contact the school’s Business Manager, Marie McAloon, who will assist you. Should you be unable to access the internet please visit the school and we will provide you with access to a computer and the portal.

As you will see from the Parent Portal, you will now have access to your child’s timetable, attendance records, assessment and news items that may be added by the school. Parents are encouraged to access this information whenever they wish to discuss their child’s progress, school issues or upcoming events.

As this program is ‘live’ you are able to see if your child is attending each class as the day progresses. It is this information that is used to send parents a SMS message if their child has an unapproved absence during the day.

This program is used to book your child’s Parent Teacher appointments and you will be notified when these appointments are available for you to access via Connections.

There is also a messaging function that enables you to message all your child’s teachers direct from the portal. This is also a good method for communicating directly with your child’s Home Group teacher about uniform, excursions and other day-to-day matters.

This program is very simple to use. Simply log in then click on each of the headings on the left-hand side to see the relevant information for all of your students. Don’t be afraid to have a look around, you cannot delete or change any information in error.

Information on the use of the Parent Portal will continue to be updated and sent to you.

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